The Building Blocks University Philosophy

Our Belief...
Children do their most important learning before the age of five. We're here to help. It is our belief that learning extends way beyond our classrooms. With this in mind we strongly encourage our families to join us by taking an active part in their child's development.

Our Philosophy..
Our basic philosophy is to strive to create and maintain a nurturing and safe environment in which your child is free to explore their surroundings. Building Blocks University was designed with your child's social and emotional well being in mind.

Our Program...
Each age-appropriate program offers just the right balance of structure and independent, hands-on exploration. Lesson plans, special themes and activities teach essential concepts, while classroom environments encourage your child to learn by doing, thinking and imagining.

Our Commitment to Children...
We take teething, toddling, toilet training, and "Everything's Mine" in stride. We'll help them get through every stage and actually enjoy them too.

Our Commitment to Parents...
Your child is one of a kind. We've seen and experienced all the stages and most of the challenges of childhood. Building Blocks University directors, staff and teachers will stay in close touch with you to help make the transition as easy as possible.

Our Commitment...
We're committed to being a great company to work for; offering specialized training, ongoing education and generous benefits. After all, the quality of our staff sets us apart from our competitors.

The parent committee constitution
All parents or guardians who have children attending Building Blocks University shall be considered members of this organization.

Our Staff
Our professional staff is equipped with specialized training, education and a sense of caring and enthusiasm. It is our belief that the quality of a school is based an the quality of it 's staff; with this in mind we hire highly qualified teachers that hold the characteristic of patience and the desire to teach.

Alms and Policies
To create the atmosphere for good communication between the home and school and to the best of it's ability, to keep parents informed in its activities via parent notices and newsletters. To identify special needs and thus set up programs which will fall within the guidelines to promote and assist the educational and recreational and spiritual development of the children. To raise funds for the carrying out and furthering of the Parent Committee's objective and to dispense these funds into the appropriate areas for the betterment of the center and its families and community.

We encourage our parents to take active roles in their child's early learning stages by volunteering and participating.